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  • Stephen Johnston

We’re Hiring a Full Stack Developer

As a Full Stack Developer, you’ll be working primarily on our PubWise product.  We know that “full stack” is a loaded term, but whether you call it a “T shaped employee” or call a person “very reliable”, let’s be clear: We’re looking for a developer who has strong skills across the stack, is very capable in the backend, but who isn’t out of their element building a complete app. Our ideal candidate loves new technologies, but has the experience to know when to use them. Our ideal candidate learns new technologies quickly, but brings the core skills outlined below with them.

We want a developer who has a passion for the technical requirements of building large scale web applications. A developer who understands the challenges of handling billions of monthly mission critical transactions. As well as a developer who understands the business context of their work. If you’re that kind of developer, we want to meet you.

We’re located in Atlanta, Georgia–the Silicon Valley of the South. Whether you enjoy a night downtown sampling art museums, theaters, clubs and restaurants, or you prefer to spend time kayaking on the Chattahoochee River and hiking the North Georgia Mountains, we’re centrally located so there’s something here for everyone.

TL;DR: We’re awesome, we work hard, we move fast, and we stay busy in ATL.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Work in PHP, JavaScript, Python and Ruby (and other languages) to build world class apps capable of handling billions of mission critical transactions monthly

  2. Develop high performance ingestion APIs to capture web API events

  3. Develop high performance data layers for front end display of analytics visualizations

  4. Develop event and data analytics infrastructure at scale

  5. Optimize Google BigQuery, Cloud Spanner and Cloud SQL infrastructure

  6. Collaborate in a 3 person development team, which includes Founder/CTO and another developer

  7. Engage with business stakeholders to gather requirements

  8. Work with Tensor Flow and similar technologies to build predictive/optimization models

Skills & Qualifications

  1. 5+ years experience in PHP

  2. 2+ years experience with cloud infrastructure, preferably Google Cloud

  3. Experience with Ruby, JavaScript and Python

  4. BA or BS degree preferable

  5. Attention to detail is a must

  6. Ability to multi-task in a very fast-paced environment

  7. Comfortable working alone or in a group

  8. Excellent communication skills across all teams to get things done efficiently and correctly

What puts you over the top?

  1. Experience in online publishing

  2. Experience in advertising or AdTech

  3. Experience with DFP, Header Bidding, Ad Ops

  4. Experience in high volume analytics event processing

  5. Experience with Machine Learning and AI

Still with us? Think you can kick butt at all that? Here’s how to apply:

Send your resume to careers@LaunchMediaNetwork.com, if selected for this position, you’ll get moolah, benefits, PTO, and more memes than you can handle. You’ll also have to protect your lunch from Ellie, our loveable Blonde Labrador, every Thursday.

Thanks for applying. Here’s hoping it’s the start of something amazing.

Launch Media Network is a fun, fast-paced work environment with a strong culture of collaboration and innovating for success and has been business for 10 years. We strive to outperform ourselves and our competitors on a daily basis.

PubWise PubWise is a SaaS application that manages the entire header bidding technology for any website or multiple websites. It eliminates long setup times, optimizes ongoing management, provides best in-class data analytics, and uses real-time optimizations powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.