New Features for PubWise Analytics Platform Available on Prebid.js or Manual Download

Updated: Apr 24

We know that yield management and revenue optimization is the name of the game. Our new features on the PubWise Analytics Platform help publishers to better track and optimize their digital revenue. We encourage existing customers to login and take a look at new report views. In coming weeks, stay tuned for posts on how to use these reports to further optimize your site.

Content Analytics

It’s important to know how much revenue a particular piece of content on your site is making, and Our Top Monetized Content report makes it easier than ever to see this information. We track the top-performing pages on your site in terms of page views and provide data points specific to that page. At a glance, you can view number of bids won, page CPMs, ad unit CPMs, and total revenue. It’s the first publisher tool available to track header bidding content analytics. Please note that this feature only tracks inventory allocated to header bidding.

DFP Optimization Reporting

Track stack competition and bid information with our 7-Day DFP Optimization report. You can see the highest and lowest bids from all of your bidders in one place, and use it to optimize your price priorities and check for configuration errors. With our Line Item Configuration report, you can see how many bids you receive that are above your maximum line item value. Use this report and included recommendations to improve the performance of your stack and increase revenue.

Real-time Header Bidding Auction Activity

This report provides you with real-time  analysis of how many auctions are happening on your site per minute. Not only does this tool allow you to make sure things are up and running as they should, it allows you to check for any abnormalities in auction behavior that could be negatively affecting your header bidding performance.

Don’t have access to the PubWise Analytics Platform?

If you aren’t signed up for PubWise Analytics, you can get it for free via Prebid.js or manual download. Create an account and gain access to these reporting tools in ten minutes’ time.

We would love your feedback on our new features and how we can better shape them to suit your needs.

Please email with comments or suggestions. 

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