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OnDemand Webinar: 

Think Website ADA Compliance is Unnecessary? Well, We Were Sued!

Check out a discussion with our attorney who played a pivotal role in the lawsuit dismissal for one of our O & O properties. Atty L. Scott Karlin of The Karlin Law Firm, LLP will provide insight on publishers’ legal obligations, how to mitigate your risk exposure and the first thing you should do if you are sued. We will also share highlights of how PubWise is adding a layer of protection for their clients, and how compliance can increase publishers’ market share and enhance their brand.
Participants walk away with practical guidance from the legal experts.
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OnDemand Webinar

Header Bidding: 2020 Outlook

PubWise as we discusses the phenomenon known as header bidding and how companies are benefiting from using artificial intelligence to optimize their ad inventory, get more revenue, and manage demand sources.  


During this broadcast we share real industry data that reveals just how we compare to this time last year - you may be surprised!  We will also discuss how our clients are optimizing timeouts to strike a balance between revenue protection and user experience.

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