Frequently Asked Questions about website ADA Compliance

Q:  How do the disabled use the internet?

People with various disabilities have tools that help them interact with sites. For the blind, there are screen readers which allow them to hear the content on a webpage. For those with motor impairments, adjustments are made so they can navigate websites using only the TAB key or other special implementations. Other adjustments can be as simple as increasing the font-size or adjusting contrast.

PubWise offers a tool allows anyone with any disability to adjust the settings to their hearts’ content until they’re browsing in comfort.

Q:  Why do I have to be compliant?

Web accessibility compliance is a requirement that's been set by the ADA title III and affirmed by the DOJ. Moreover, legal implications aside, people living with disabilities make up between 20-25% of the global population. This is an enormous market that shouldn’t be cut out of the internet age, and opening up your business to such a large new audience should be beneficial for all.

Q:  I tried checking your compliance/compliance via wave/lighthouse/etc and got a whole bunch of errors, why am I not compliant?

​First of all, testing for accessibility compliance is done by an accessibility expert and is called an audit.

​Automated tests are nowhere near being accurate in general. Also, they evaluate your template's accessibility, whereas accessiBe doesn't work on your template. It works on the session.

​Still, if you want to test your website by yourself with such tools, you can try Wave's Chrome extension or Google Lighthouse, as they also work on the session. You'll need to turn on "Accessible Mode" because some tools won't change anything to your site by default, only when asked to. Our system makes session-based adjustments, catered specifically to the person's disability and needed adjustments.


​Again, we must emphasize that this is not a proper way to check accessibility and these tools often even present false information in order to motivate you to purchase their remediation solution.

For more info on this topic, you can visit this article:

Q:  How long from the time I implement the code until I'm compliant?  

This can take up to 48 hours; you’ll see the interface immediately after installation and that solves about 30% of the requirements, but you won’t be fully compliant until up to 48 hours later when you also receive your statement of
accessibility that doubles as a certificate of performance. You'll receive that statement directly to your registered email at the moment you become compliant.

Q:  Can I have all my subdomains under one subscription/how do you handle subdomains?

We license every domain and subdomain separately. You can have several subdomains under one account, but you need a separate subscription per subdomain. If you have 10 or more subdomains, contact us to understand how best to handle this.

Q:  How can you prove we're compliant? Do you do an audit? 

Our technology scans your entire website for problems and remediates them on the spot. We provide each website using accessiBe with a Statement of Accessibility that doubles as a certificate of performance and describes all the adjustment made to the site. We also use accessiBe ACE, our Automated Compliance Expert, to perform a full scan and 15-page downloadable pdf report.

Q:  If I get sued, what do you do to help?

If an accessiBe licensee receives a demand letter and contacts us for assistance, we go through the following process. First, we perform a compliance audit along with two scans: aCe and WAVE. We use two scans because aCe is our own, so a third-party scanner concurring with our results is an added assurance. We will then provide our Accessibility Statement, along with our Suggested Response (a form letter we have used to great effect). We will include with this your Purchase Invoice, a Compliance Overview (to explain to the other party how our tool functions and so on), and a Failures Request Master. The Failures Request Master is a spreadsheet in which a complainant can log and document specific perceived accessibility failures or holes and request review of them. In the vast majority of cases, our licensees do not even receive a response to the Suggested Response.

Q:  How does your AI work?

Our AI scans your entire website and compares its components, widgets, structures and user behavior to thousands of other sites already using our solution. Then, it finds out each and every element's role. For example, It'll understand your menus, dropdowns, popups, forms, validations, and all other aspects. Next, it will apply and modify your website's behavior and HTML code on the fly, when users turn "Accessible Mode" on. It even scans all the images on your site and takes them through object recognition, as well as OCR processes in order to provide ALT tags to the images. If you want to learn about our AI more extensively here's a 30-minute demo that dives deep into our solution:

Q:  How can I be sure your technology will remain compliant, do you check for bugs and update regularly?

We are constantly reviewing the latest updates in regards to web accessibility and implementing them
to ensure our clients remain compliant. In addition, our AI rescans each website every 24 hours to keep current with any updates to the site!

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