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Publishers of all sizes use PubWise to easily deploy & optimize a full range of modern programmatic technologies. PubWise takes the guesswork out of header bidding, programmatic demand, Google AdX, and digital revenue reporting.


Networks, widget providers and more use PubWise to centrally manage the programmatic technology of their customer sites. White labeling, revenue share functionality, demand analytics and more take the pain out of managing these technologies at scale.


SSPs use PubWise's patent-pending Smart Path Optimization Technology® (SPOT™) to reduce errors, manage supply, improve win-rates, reduce infrastructure costs, and to deploy their Prebid business rules to the edge.

The PubWise Core



PubWise is the first and best header-as-a-service platform on the planet.

Combined With


Managed Wrapper

Complete header bidding and programmatic advertising management. We take care of it all letting you focus on your site, or sites.


Advanced Analytics

Advanced Header Bidding, Demand and Content Analytics allows you to answer critical questions about revenue generation and to identify error conditions and opportunities.


AdX & Top Demand

Top tier demand including Google AdX, Rubicon, Index Exchange, Amazon and Pubmatic and 100s more. Use your existing demand relationships, ours or any combination.


SPOT Optimization

SPOT ensures that your site audience is matched to appropriate demand and the optimal configuration is presented to each visitor using hyperautomation techniques augmenting humans with machine learning, AI, advanced automation and more.



Machines are great, but they'll never replace humans. Our Atlanta based team is always available to identify optimization opportunities and provide support.


Advanced Controls

Does your team want to drive the platform? The Enterprise level platform provides the same tools we use to put you in control with advanced permissions, white labeling and more.

How it works

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A combination of human oversight with SPOT hyperautomation engages machine learning optimization, error detection and more to ensure that your revenue generation is always maximized and protected.


PubWise works with your unique setup. Keep using your existing ad server, AdX and demand relationships, and ad layout or leverage ours. We'll work with you to find the perfect balance to optimize revenue generation for your site.
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PubWise supports integrations ranging from two lines of JavaScript to complex integrations. Including lazy loading, third party audience segmentation, custom ad layouts, and more. Whether your site requires an out of the box or a bespoke integration we make it effortless.


Our Smart Path Optimization Technology uses machine-learning to ensure your inventory is matched to the appropriate programmatic demand and configured properly. SPOT operates at a level beyond human capabilities; deploying thousands of optimizations for your site's audience and is constantly learning and improving.
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Advanced reporting provides specific insight into inventory performance. Reporting directly from the header bidder as well as importing from demand APIs provides you the detailed data to understand exactly what is happening on your site.


All reporting and script management, whether fully managed by PubWise or available directly to you in our Enterprise configuration, are all managed in one centralized user interface.
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Our Atlanta, GA based development and account management teams are available to you at all times.

Susan Bidel, Forrester

"With header bidding, publishers are now in complete control."


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